Do I have to come in to the pharmacy or can I do everything I need online?
If you don’t have to go to the pharmacy, GoldStar Pharmacy can help you with your concerns online. You can contact us using our online form.
How do I refill my prescriptions online with Gold Star?
You can sign up using our online form. Check here.
What is the Gold Star Pak Club?
When you join the GoldStar Pak Club, you will get access to a FREE, easy and convenient way to sort and organize your multi-dose Prescriptions & OTC medications in an all-inclusive blister pack. Read more.
Is there an emergency line or number to all after hours?
You can contact us at 979-690-9112.
What if I need help with how to take my meds, can I contact you?
Yes. Our pharmacists are ready to help your medication needs.
Do you have generic prescriptions to save me money?
Yes, we offer over-the-counter medications.
What insurance do you take?
To learn more about the complete list of insurance plans we accept, you can contact us at 979-690-9112.
What should I do if I forget to take a packet or miss a dose?
As with most medications, it may depend on how long it has been since you should have taken your dose. You should contact your pharmacist if you have any questions.
What do I do when I run out of medication?
Your GoldStarPak account manager will call you approximately 10 days before your next medication delivery date to find out if there have been any changes to your prescriptions. That way, your next GoldStarPak fill will reflect any changes. Thus, you should never run out of medication.