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What Is The GoldStarPak?

The GoldStarPak is a FREE, easy, and convenient way to sort and organize your multi-dose Prescriptions & OTC medications in an all-inclusive blister pack.

With GoldStarPak™, all your medications are organized into individual packets that are color-coded and labeled with the medication day, date, and time to be taken to improve convenience and reduce confusion and the risk of medication errors. By taking your medications correctly with the GoldStarPak™ packets, you are more likely to stay well, make fewer clinic visits and reduce hospitalizations.

Patient Benefit

  • We organized medications by date and time for each 30 day supply
  • All pills are packed in one packet based on the time to be taken. Medications can be organized by date and time for each 30 day supply.
  • Color-coded easy-to-read labels, easy-to-open packet
  • One packet makes taking medications ea
  • No Confusion! No Reminders Needed! The Right Medication, The Right Dose, At the Right Time
  • Detachable individual blister packs help Improved Patient Adherence to Medication Regimen with the GoldStarPak
  • Helps in improving overall wellness, reduce hospitalizations, reduce patient’s overall drug costs and their overall health care costs
  • Convenient for organizing children’s medications Travel friendly. All medications for one administration time are contained in an easy-to-carry packet eliminating those cumbersome vials.
  • Combine with our SyncMyMeds Program to eliminate multiple trips to the Pharmacy

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