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Contact Information

Dr. Bessem Oben, PharmD
St. Joseph Medical Office Building
4421 Highway 6 South, Suite 300
College Station, TX 77845

Phone: 979-690-9112
Fax: 979-693-9694

Email: billing@goldstarrx.com

Hours of Operation:
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Reporting Capabilities:

Automated and On-Demand Reports Right At Your Fingertips

Our secure Web-Based e-Prescribing and Reporting solution gives Hospice organizations the tools and visibility to stay in compliance (Improved Quality), provide superior patient care via better medication management (Legendary Customer Service) in the most efficient manner generating significant cost savings (Financial Leadership). Below is a subset of available reports. 

Medication Management

  • E-Prescribing for new & renewal prescriptions
  • Patient Active Medication Report
  • Online Profile Management
  • Net Utilization
  • Non-Formulary Report
  • No Claims Report by Prescription History
  • Complete Medication History

Quality & Compliance Management

  • Complete CoP Documentation
  • Complete CR 8358 Reports that can be integrated into Hospice Management System
  • CoP Infection Control Report
  • CoP Lab Audits
  • Narcotic Report
  • Bowel Regiment Report
  • Antibiotic Report
  • MAR Changes
  • Automated DUR Reports

Financial Management

  • Executive Management Report
  • Patient Cost-per-day Report
  • Cost Per Diagnosis Report
  • Cost Per Month
  • Generic Vs Brand Utilization Report
  • Cost Per Therapy Category
  • Negative Formulary Report
  • Non-Formulary Report
  • Consultant Pharmacist Report