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Improved Quality Care for your Patients + Legendary Customer Service + Lowest Medication Cost = Financial Leadership

See significant savings in your medication costs after you switch to GoldStar Hospice Solutions that are driven by 2 factors;

(1) Industry-leading Technology Controls

(2) Universal Discounted Medication Pricing

  • Controlling and limiting your prescription costs through:
    • Universal discounted pricing & real-time point-of-sale utilization controls;
    • Custom fill limitations to reduce waste and abuse
    • With GoldStar Hospice Solutions, you only pay for what you get – and you control your prescription benefit design.
    • Customized cost-saving therapeutic formularies and comfort kits
  • Simplifying your accounting & saving labor (You cut only 2 checks per month!)
  • Detailing patient-specific utilization data with concise executive summaries

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We provide safe, high-quality pharmacy services in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication. Feel free to contact us for your questions.